How To Get Emergency Custody in Georgia and What To Watch Out For

There may be times when you need to petition the court for emergency custody in Georgia. It could be at the beginning of a divorce case or because you believe your child is in danger.  The first step in getting emergency child custody is to meet with an experienced Lawrenceville child custody lawyer. The court… read more

Legal Reasons To Stop Paying Child Support in Georgia

Divorce is often both devastating and complex. And when there are children involved, a divorce can become even more difficult.  During divorce proceedings, parents must consider how to handle childcare-related issues. They’ll need to discuss their timeshare schedule as well as their parental plan, including how to handle medical decisions, where the children will go… read more

How to Find Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is not cheap. But your divorce lawyer does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the better they are at their job, the more money they can potentially save you in the long run, even if they charge more per hour than others. But how do you go about… read more

Can a Child Sue for Child Support in Georgia?

Children do not have the capacity to file a lawsuit on their own. If a child has a legal claim, a parent, legal guardian, or court-appointed party must file the lawsuit on behalf of the child. Therefore, a child cannot sue for child support in Georgia. However, that does not mean that there are no… read more

Can You Modify or Terminate Permanent Alimony in Georgia?

Alimony is a court-ordered payment from one person to another, either in a lump sum or periodic payments. Both the giver and the recipient are either in divorce proceedings (temporary alimony) or are already divorced (permanent alimony). The purpose of alimony is for the richer spouse to provide for the financial needs of the poorer… read more

Yes, You Can Date While Separated in Georgia – But Here’s the Catch

Many people who are separated want to begin dating before their divorce is final. While Georgia does not make it illegal to date while separated, there is a catch that could cause problems in your divorce case. If your Georgia divorce is not final, talk with your Lawrenceville divorce lawyer to find out if you… read more

The Different Types of Child Custody in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Child custody can be an emotionally charged issue during a divorce. Both parents believe they know what is best for their child. In some cases, parents believe the other parent is unfit for custody. Working with a Lawrenceville child custody lawyer is the best way to protect your legal rights and your children’s best interest…. read more

Can I Get Back Together With My Ex-Spouse After Divorce?

If life is anything, it’s unpredictable. Circumstances can change at any given moment, and consistency can be interrupted at any time. If you’ve contemplated the geometry of a fractal, you’ve probably noticed that its nonlinear contours and controlled chaos are much more true to life than the clean lines of a square. This controlled chaos… read more

Who Should File for a Lawrenceville Divorce First?

Divorce is a legal procedure for concluding a couple’s married life and dissolving the marriage. At the end of a divorce, the ex-spouses have the legal status of single and unmarried, with the freedom to marry someone else if they desire. In theory, neither spouse is supposed to gain a legal advantage by filing first…. read more

How Does Child Custody Work After the Death of a Parent or Guardian in Georgia?

Georgia law provides for the modification of child custody orders for a substantial change in circumstances. The death of a parent or guardian is one of the circumstances that can lead to a modification of custody in Lawrenceville, GA. Who Gets Custody of a Child If a Parent or Guardian Dies in Georgia? Placing custody… read more