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Crystal Wright Law has represented families in divorce and spousal support cases in Lawrenceville, GA, for nearly a decade. Contact our Lawrenceville spousal support lawyers for a free consultation at (404) 594-2143 to learn how we can help you.

 A court will not award spousal support automatically. When a court does award alimony, it may be for a specific amount of time or even for life. Alimony has the potential to drastically affect each spouse’s financial future.

Trust Crystal Wright Law to protect your family’s future. With years of experience, our firm provides compassionate and effective legal representation for Georgia residents dealing with legal separations, pet custody in Lawrenceville, LGBT divorces, Lawrenceville grandparents’ rights, judgment modifications, and more.

That’s why it’s important to seek experienced counsel from an experienced divorce attorney.

How Crystal Wright Law Can Help with Spousal Support in Lawrenceville, GA

How Crystal Wright Law Can Help with Spousal Support in Lawrenceville, GA

If you are seeking alimony or want to modify an existing spousal support order, it’s crucial to contact experienced legal counsel for help. Alimony is a complex area of Georgia family law. Infidelity, remarriage, and living with a new partner can all affect alimony. You deserve a Georgia family law attorney prepared to give you the insightful legal advice you need.

Crystal S. Wright has developed an award-winning reputation for professionalism and compassionate legal representation. She has earned prestigious designations such as the Gwinnett County Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year and the AVVO Clients’ Choice Award for her dedication to her clients in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Choose Crystal Wright Law to assist with your divorce and spousal support order, and count on our law office to:

  • Offer sound legal advice and support at every stage of your case
  • Discuss alimony options and help you seek a fair arrangement with your former partner
  • Assist with seeking spousal support while representing you in a divorce
  • Help you strengthen a claim for alimony with clear evidence on finances, lifestyle, and earning capacity
  • Help with gathering evidence to support a petition to modify alimony 

Spousal support is a complex family law issue that you should not tackle alone. Contact Crystal Wright Law today for a free consultation with a Lawrenceville spousal support lawyer. We will help you protect your best interests and seek a fair resolution to your divorce.

What is Spousal Support in Georgia?

Spousal support is financial support one spouse must pay to the other after divorce. Georgia law has no requirements for spousal support after a divorce, unlike child support. These support orders are intended to enable a spouse to support themselves after a divorce. Alimony is not a right, but a court may award it when appropriate.

How is Spousal Support Structured in Lawrenceville?

Alimony may be temporary or permanent. Spousal support can be structured in several ways, depending on the circumstances of the divorce. 

There are four types of alimony in Georgia:

  • Temporary alimony. This type of spousal support is awarded to address a temporary, unfair financial situation. It is awarded after divorce is filed but before it is final.
  • Permanent alimony. Permanent spousal support does not mean the alimony lasts indefinitely. Rather, it is awarded after a divorce is final, unlike temporary alimony. Permanent alimony is usually periodic and rarely lasts for life.
  • Periodic alimony. This type of alimony is awarded for a set period of time, such as five years, ten years, or until the receiving spouse remarries.
  • Lump sum alimony. This type of alimony is awarded in a lump amount without conditions like remarriage or cohabitation. 

The difference between these types of spousal support is based on how long payments last, how payments are made, and whether they are made during or after divorce.

Most Georgia spousal support orders are periodic. They are usually paid monthly or bi-weekly. It is not necessary for periodic alimony to be paid in cash. For instance, it can take the form of making mortgage payments.

When Is Spousal Support Ordered in Lawrenceville, GA?

A court will consider many factors to determine if a spouse is entitled to alimony, including:

  • The conduct of each spouse toward the other
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the marriage
  • Which spouse supported the other’s career or cared for children
  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s earning potential
  • The couple’s standard of living
  • Each spouse’s income and assets
  • The age and general health of each spouse
  • The seeking spouse’s need for alimony and the other spouse’s ability to pay 

Georgia law states that alimony will not be awarded if the separation was caused by the requesting party’s desertion or adultery. Each spouse’s conduct toward the other plays an important role in deciding if alimony is proper. Adultery can bar a spouse’s eligibility for support, but proving adultery can be challenging.

How is Alimony Calculated in Lawrenceville, Georgia?

Spousal support is not appropriate in all divorces. When it is appropriate, there is no calculator or formula to determine the proper amount, unlike child support. The court will have discretion to decide whether alimony is appropriate, the type of alimony payments to be made, and how much alimony to award.

To calculate alimony, a judge may consider each party’s financial resources, contributions to the marriage, and the standard of living during the marriage. The receiving spouse’s needs will be weighed against the other spouse’s ability to pay.

A judge has wide discretion to order alimony. That’s why it’s crucial to consult with an experienced Lawrenceville divorce lawyer. Your attorney will help you present a compelling account with relevant facts, lifestyle details, expenses, income, and more.

How Long Does Alimony Last in Georgia?

Alimony can last for a few months or life, depending on the individual case. How long alimony lasts depends on many factors. The length of the marriage and the needs of the receiving spouse may both influence how long alimony payments will continue.

The longer the marriage, the more likely alimony will last for a longer period of time. A decades-long marriage may trigger spousal support that lasts for years or even for life. A marriage of a couple of years may have a short period of alimony, if any.

Alimony can terminate early under three scenarios:

  • The death of either spouse.
  • Remarriage of the recipient spouse.
  • Cohabitation of the receiving spouse and a romantic partner. 

In the case of cohabitation, alimony does not automatically end. Instead, it may be modified or terminated early, depending on the court’s decision. Cohabitation is a common issue in spousal support cases, but it can be very challenging to prove for a paying spouse. An experienced Lawrenceville alimony lawyer can help you prove a receiving spouse is cohabitating with a new partner.

Can a Spousal Support Order Be Modified in Lawrenceville, GA?

A final alimony order can be modified just like a child support order. 

Under Georgia law, alimony orders can be modified due to:

  • Changes in either party’s financial status or income, or
  • When the receiving party is continuously and openly cohabitating with a romantic or sexual partner. 

If either occurs, the paying spouse can file a petition to modify the alimony order. This petition, however, must be supported with evidence of cohabitation or a change in finances or income. The receiving spouse also has the right to file a petition to modify the spousal support order, typically requesting a higher support amount.

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Spousal support has the potential to become a bitter issue in a divorce and may cause conflict even years after a divorce is final. If you are seeking alimony in a divorce or would like to modify an existing support order, Crystal Wright Law can help.

Contact our law offices for an initial free consultation with a Lawrenceville spousal support lawyer. We will help you explore the best legal options available to you.

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