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9 Questions to Ask a Georgia Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

Divorcing your spouse is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Selecting a divorce lawyer to represent you is almost as big. While many lawyers practice divorce law, not all of them devote themselves exclusively to divorce law. If you need advice or representation for your divorce, you should ask the following nine questions… read more

Are Divorce Records Public in Georgia?

Few people relish the idea of their personal business being made public for all their friends, co-workers, and neighbors to see. This is especially true of their divorce proceedings. Even though divorce is common, these intensely personal proceedings can reveal embarrassing facts about your relationship that you would rather keep private. This desire for privacy… read more

What Happens If I Miss ONE Court-Ordered Child Support Payment?

Court-ordered child support is a serious financial obligation. The state recognizes a child’s right to be financially supported by both parents, even if they are no longer together. Missing child support payments can result in severe consequences if the problem is ongoing or frequent.  Missing a single child support payment does not typically result in… read more

Can Divorced Couples Still Live Together?

Some divorce cases are incredibly heated. The spouses may be at odds about every detail of their divorce. Child custody, spousal support, child support, and property division can be contentious issues to resolve. However, some couples are amicable during a divorce. They agree to the settlement terms, so there is no fight. A couple may… read more

Do Georgia Courts Favor Mothers When Awarding Child Custody?

Many parents wonder who will get child custody in a contested battle. Does the court prefer mothers over fathers? Or do they have equal rights?  Today’s laws are very different than they were in the past when the “tender years doctrine” was the reigning policy across the nation. Under this principle, it was assumed that… read more

How To Have a Peaceful and Easy Divorce

Whenever most people think about divorce, they imagine the clichéd, messy split, one full of fights and drama. However, it’s important to point out that divorce doesn’t have to be an ugly and stressful process. There are ways in which you can try to cultivate a peaceful divorce, making it easier for you and your… read more

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Those beginning the divorce process will have many questions to start with. Whether you are filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, the process can be emotionally stressful and overwhelming.  To ease your anxiety, ask several key questions during your initial consultation with a Georgia divorce attorney. Five important questions to ask… read more

Can I Sue My Spouse for Defamation During a Divorce in Georgia?

Typically, a divorce is not a simple process. Even consensual divorces can be challenging to pull off. Too often, however, divorces get ugly, and accusations start to fly.  In many cases, the accusations are untrue or grossly exaggerated. One spouse might falsely accuse the other spouse of domestic violence, for example, to gain an advantage… read more

What Is a Gavron Warning?

The “Gavron warning” is a legal concept relating to spousal support (“alimony”) that originated in California family law. Read on to learn more about what a Gavron warning is and the potential impact it may have on your family law case. How Alimony Works Spousal support attempts to confront the fact that divorcing spouses do… read more

How Does In-Home Separation Work in Georgia?

In some states, you must legally separate from your spouse for a specified period as a condition for even a no-fault divorce. Georgia has no such formal requirement.  Nevertheless, there are legal reasons why a couple that plans to divorce might maintain an “in-home separation” household prior to filing for divorce. It is important that… read more