Some divorce cases are incredibly heated. The spouses may be at odds about every detail of their divorce. Child custody, spousal support, child support, and property division can be contentious issues to resolve.

However, some couples are amicable during a divorce. They agree to the settlement terms, so there is no fight. A couple may simply grow apart and want a dissolution of marriage. There are no hurt feelings or anger in those cases about the divorce.

Some couples continue as friends after their divorce, and they may decide to live together. Georgia divorce laws do not prohibit divorced couples from living together. However, there are pros and cons to living with your ex-spouse, and you should consider them before choosing to live under the same roof.

The Benefits of Divorced Couples Living Together in Georgia

You and your ex-spouse might choose to live together after your divorce is complete for many reasons. Some reasons divorced couples live together include:

They Have Children Together

Divorce is difficult for children, even when the parents are amicable. Having two homes can be stressful for a child. They might experience guilt or anxiety when they need to leave one home to stay over at the other home.

Divorced couples may choose to live together for the benefit of their children. Living together after a divorce allows the children to be in the same home with both parents, which can provide stability and continuity for them.

Saving Money on Living Expenses

A divorced couple may live together because it is more cost-effective for them. They can share living expenses, including rent/mortgage payments and utilities. They can also share other expenses, including food.

It Is More Convenient

Sometimes, it is more convenient for divorced spouses to live together. Finding another home can be difficult. Sharing a house means that neither spouse needs to rent or buy a new place, which can save a substantial amount of money. The location of the marital home may be convenient for the ex-spouses, but finding another home nearby might be impossible.

Issues Divorced Couples Might Face if They Continue to Live Together

Even if ex-spouses are friends, living together after a divorce can raise potential issues. One of the most common issues ex-spouses face when living together is dating. Each person has the right to move on with their life. They can date whomever they desire.

However, seeing your ex-spouse with someone else can be difficult and emotionally stressful, even if you no longer want to have a romantic relationship with them. Additionally, there would need to be house rules about dates and new partners staying over for the night, especially if the couple has minor children. Dating could cause problems that drive a wedge with an otherwise happily divorced couple.

Support payments could pose another problem for ex-spouses living together after divorce. Alimony and child support agreements may be impacted because the couple still lives together. If either person decides to move out, they may need to petition the court for a judgment modification to reflect their new living arrangements.

How Can Divorced Couples Successfully Live Together After Divorce in Lawrenceville, GA?

Before you agree to live with your ex-spouse, make a list of the pros and cons of living together after divorce. A list helps you focus on the potential benefits and disadvantages to weigh all options effectively. If you decide to live together after divorce, it can help to have a written agreement with your ex.

The agreement should include any issues that could arise during your arrangement. For example, it needs to outline each person’s financial responsibilities. A section should also contain “house rules” that everyone agrees to follow. The house rules need to address guests, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, and other matters that could arise.

Entering a detailed, written agreement means everyone is on the same page. It can also help reduce conflicts between the parties and provide a resolution process that prevents the relationship from souring if a problem arises.

The divorced couple should talk with their children to ensure they are comfortable with the arrangement. It can be confusing for some children to understand that their parents are not a couple, even though they live in the same home, especially if their parents have dates or new partners. Call our Lawrenceville divorce lawyers to discuss your situation with an attorney. We are here to help you with all matters related to a divorce or family law case.

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