Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally taxing time for anyone. Still, many men struggle to express their emotions and find the support they need to cope with the grief that comes with the end of a marriage

Knowing these seven stages of grief can help divorcing men understand and navigate the emotional journey that accompanies a divorce. 

1. Shock and Denial

The first stage of grief is generally characterized by shock and denial

Men may struggle to accept that their marriage is ending and feel like the divorce is happening to them rather than being a mutual decision. Some men refuse to believe their marriage has ended. They look for ways to reinforce this false hope, which can be both emotionally and legally harmful.

The first step in moving forward with a divorce is accepting the circumstances and looking for the best path forward.

2. Pain and Guilt

As the reality of divorce sets in, men may experience intense pain and guilt. They may second-guess their decisions or feel directly responsible for the end of the marriage. 

When the custody of children and the division of complex assets are on the line, feelings of pain and guilt can be magnified. A divorce attorney can help men work through these feelings by providing objective advice and an outside perspective. 

Breaking up a family is tough, but looking ahead and finding silver linings as you navigate these difficult times is essential.

3. Anger and Bargaining

The third stage of grief is often characterized by anger and bargaining. Men may feel a sense of injustice and struggle to accept their new reality. 

It’s normal to want to blame your spouse for any shortcomings that may have led to the divorce. However, divorce comes in all shapes and sizes, and couples end their marriage for many reasons. 

If you’re experiencing anger, a divorce attorney can help you channel negative thoughts into productive actions, such as negotiating a fair settlement or developing a co-parenting plan with your former spouse.

4. Depression

As the divorce process continues, men may experience a deep sense of sadness and depression. They may struggle to find happiness in the things they used to enjoy and withdraw from social activities, work, parenting, and other responsibilities. 

If you’re dealing with intense emotional feelings, seeking professional counseling may be wise as you finalize the divorce process. Significant lifestyle changes can be difficult to adjust to, and your mental health can take a severe toll during and after a divorce.

5. Acceptance 

The fifth stage of grief during divorce is acceptance.

After some time, divorcing men come to terms with the end of their marriage and begin to focus on rebuilding their lives.

At this stage, a divorce lawyer can help men move forward by providing guidance on legal and financial issues and developing a comprehensive plan for the future.

6. Reconstruction

During reconstruction, divorced men take active steps to rebuild their lives. They may focus on developing new interests, pursuing new relationships, and finding new ways to connect with friends and family. 

At this stage, a solid post-divorce plan is critical to address any pending legal, financial, and emotional needs. 

7. Hope

The final stage of grief is hope. After a long, tumultuous divorce, men may finally feel optimistic about their future and excited about new possibilities.

A divorce may be one of the most challenging times in someone’s life, but it’s important to remember that life goes on. Finding hope and looking forward to a new chapter in life is integral to the healing process.

How a Lawrenceville Family Law Attorney Can Help With the Divorce Process

A compassionate Lawrenceville divorce attorney can be an excellent resource for men navigating the seven stages of grief in a divorce.

With the right support system, men can overcome the difficulties of a divorce, no matter how complicated.

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