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If your child’s father or mother doesn’t follow the child custody order, you may feel frustrated and even angry. A parent behaving contrary to the order can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. In order to eliminate stress and prepare for a possible modification, you should prepare with the following:

Ask Your Lawyer to Write a Letter to the Other Parent

The first step you can take is to have your child custody lawyer write a formal letter to the other parent stating that he or she must comply with child custody orders or face serious legal consequences. If the other parent often breaks the order and the parties are forced to take the issue back to court, the judge may shorten visitation times or require even require supervised visitation. In many instances, a letter from your child custody attorney is enough to snap the other party back into reality and convince them to follow orders.

Write Down Everything

Whenever you are having issues with child custody, it’s in your best interest to document everything. Write down instances when the other parent violates the order and the actions you have to take to resolve the issue.

Don’t Break the Child Custody Order Yourself

When the other parent refuses to obey the child custody order, it can be tempting to break it yourself.  While this can make you feel a little better initially, it can hurt you in the long run. If you have to return to court, you want to make sure you go with clean hands.

File a Motion for Contempt of Court

If the other parent continues to disobey child custody orders, it may be necessary to file a motion for contempt of court. The judge will order your ex to come to court and explain his or her behavior. If the judge finds the other parent in contempt, he or she may face legal consequences, such as fines or even jail time.

Disputes over child custody and visitation are among the most hotly contested in Georgia family law cases. While the court has established legal guidelines to follow, there are always extenuating factors that must be considered. At Crystal Wright Law, our team acts as strong legal advocates on behalf of parents in these situations. We offer tried and true strategies designed to protect the rights and well-being of both you and your child.

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