In the United States, there are more than 1.3 million attorneys. But when you need legal representation, not just any lawyer will do. 

Unfortunately, not all attorneys have the skills and abilities to successfully fight for their clients. It is important to understand what makes a good attorney and avoid hiring a bad one.

In the following post, we will discuss six telltale signs that you may have hired a bad lawyer. 

1. Failure to Communicate

Communication is paramount in successful attorney-client relationships. Most people involved in a legal dispute will have questions about their ongoing case.

If you are unable to speak with your lawyer in a timely manner, it is a bad sign. Attorneys should put their clients’ interests first. 

Although attorneys are notoriously busy, you should be able to easily contact their office staff or legal team to receive answers to your questions. Failing to adequately communicate with clients is a telltale sign of a bad lawyer.

2. Lack of Enthusiasm About Your Case

One of the most important functions of an attorney is the ability to persuade others. When a case goes to trial, your lawyer should be able to argue to a jury on your behalf.

A skillful attorney should be enthusiastic, passionate, and articulate.

If an attorney is unenthusiastic about your case, this may be a sign that you hired a bad lawyer. However, overconfidence is not a virtue, either.

When your attorney is overly confident in an unrealistic manner, it may weaken your claim. A good attorney will be confident but realistic about the circumstances of the case.

3. Unclear or Confusing Billing Approach

Cost is one of the primary concerns that most legal clients have. Attorneys’ fees are not cheap.

Although lawyers’ services are somewhat costly, you should never be confused about how you are billed. You may have hired a bad lawyer if you notice overbilling or excessive expenses.

If you see any of the following telltale signs of unclear billing, something is wrong:

  • Vague bills or invoices
  • Hidden costs and expenses
  • A surcharge on legal expenses

Every bill you receive from your attorney should be clear. You should never hire an attorney who places a surcharge on menial tasks, like copying documents or buying postage.

4. Illegal and Unethical Actions

The failure to communicate is a bad habit that some attorneys have. But when a lawyer behaves in an unethical or illegal way, it is even more pressing to find different representation.

If your attorney takes any of the following unethical or unprofessional actions, you may have hired a bad lawyer:

  • Making important decisions without consulting you
  • Failing to return phone calls
  • Ignoring the work from your case
  • Failing to draft or file paperwork

You should not have to put up with inadequate legal representation, especially if it involves unethical or illegal behavior.

5. Lack of Empathy

It is important for legal representatives to empathize with their clients. No matter what type of legal case you have, failing to show compassion and empathy is a sign of a terrible attorney.

A lack of compassion is often a sign of bad communication. Make sure to hire a lawyer who understands your situation’s difficulty and empathizes. This is especially important for cases involving divorce or family law.

6. Lack of Respect

If your attorney does not have the respect of their peers and coworkers, it is a bad sign. You should hire a lawyer who is taken seriously and respected by attorneys, judges, and others in the legal system.

Keep these six telltale signs in mind when seeking legal representation. Hiring a high-quality attorney can make the difference between a successful claim and a failed case.

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