A person in stress with bunch of social media Icons surrounding him

Can Social Media create problems for your divorce process?

These days, almost everyone has a social media presence. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other similar site, the information that you post can be seen by a large number of people. If you are going through a divorce, you should always be extremely careful about anything you post on any type of social media. The best bet is generally to avoid posting or make your account(s) private until your divorce is finalized.

Few people consider the long-term impact or potential harm that can be brought by social media posts. Especially during a divorce when emotions are running high, you might be tempted to post negative comments about your spouse or pictures of you having a good time and forgetting about your spouse. But, remember, what you make public on social media is public, and it can be used in most cases as evidence in a divorce trial. In a contentious divorce, your spouse may be looking for evidence to use against you and because many of us share a substantial amount of information online, social media profiles are often gold mines for evidence.

Bad Social Media Habits to Avoid During Your Divorce

Many people may not realize how social media posts may affect their divorce case. That is why you should always have an experienced divorce lawyer like attorney Crystal Wright helping you with your case. A seasoned divorce lawyer can give you advice and guide you through the divorce process with your best interests in mind. If you are facing divorce or have any other type of family law matter, do not hesitate to call attorney Crystal Wright at (404) 594-2143, or email csw@crystalwrightlaw.com for assistance.