Custody and Visitation During COVID-19
07 May

Custody and Visitation During COVID-19

While COVID-19 continues to disrupt the day-to-day interactions of families throughout Georgia, some families are dealing with visitation issues as they relate to the Shelter in Place Order. Managing parenting time and custody agreements du...

14 Apr

Parenting Plan

If you ever stopped to make of list of everything you do in a week to care for and provide for your children, you would have a list several pages long. Wake-up time, bedtime, bath time, mealtime, school time, homework… Read More

10 Mar

Avoid Social Media During Your Divorce

Can Social Media create problems for your divorce process? These days, almost everyone has a social media presence. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other similar site, the information that you post can be seen by a&hellip...

10 Mar

Is Fault required for divorce in Georgia?

Divorce issues in Georgia One of the most common questions we are asked by clients is whether they need grounds for divorce. It is easy to get confused as to whether Georgia is a no-fault state and as to the… Read More

Child Custody and Visitation in Georgia
11 Feb

Child Custody and Visitation in Georgia

If you are preparing for a divorce or separation and you have children with your soon to be ex-spouse, you may have questions about child custody and visitation. Legal Child Custody and visitation issues are always extremely sensitive and should&hell...

09 Jan

Financial Assistance for Adoption in Georgia

Read Guideline For Adoption Process in Georgia USA The adoption process can be very expensive. Some families who want to adopt often find themselves struggling to find the resources to meet the high costs. Before you decide, there is no… Read ...

09 Jan

Types of Income Used to Calculate Child Support

Guideline For Child Support Calculator Georgia has enacted child support guidelines used by the courts to determine what resources should be considered income for the purpose of calculating a parent’s child support obligation. Georgia’s calculate chi...

09 Dec

Debt After Divorce

The Marital Residence After Divorce In a divorce situation, it is important for both parties to reach an agreement that specifically establishes a workable method to dispose of the marital residence. The idea is to separate your lives completely and&...

06 Nov


Income Deduction In January of 1994, the state of Georgia passed a requirement that all child support orders include an income deduction order providing for automatic wage withholding unless the parents agree otherwise. Orders that do not include thi...