Adultery and Divorce in Georgia

Adultery is one of the leading causes of divorce. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage due to one spouse’s indiscretion, you may be wondering whether it will affect any aspect of the adultery divorce proceedings, including the issue of alimony.

In Georgia, when adultery is proved during a divorce proceeding, the unfaithful spouse can be barred from receiving any alimony. However, it isn’t enough that a spouse cheated during the marriage. The infidelity must be the reason for the divorce. For example, if one spouse cheated and the other spouse showed forgiveness – and the two continued living together as a couple – the unfaithful spouse may not be barred from receiving alimony.

Adultery and divorce is not an easy thing to prove. In many cases, you’ll need more than your own testimony to prove adultery. Often, the court will require phone records, bank statements, other witnesses, photos, text messages, and even social media records. Although you must have proof of adultery, Georgia courts do not require any proof of sexual intercourse. In some instances, a spouse creating a romantic, emotional extramarital bond with someone else can be considered adultery.

Proving adultery is, understandably, complex in a courtroom. You will need to enlist the services of an experienced Georgia Family Law Attorney, like Crystal Wright, who is familiar with the specific legal rules and evidence required to support your case. Working with an experienced Family Law firm such as CW Law when trying to prove adultery in your divorce case is vital in achieving your most ideal outcome.

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