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When business transactions disappoint and business relationships start to spiral downward, you need a skilled and capable legal team to guide you through the process, keep you informed, and develop the right strategy to protect your business interests. At CW Law, we are a well-equipped team of legal professionals who understand the legal and practical challenges faced during Civil Litigation. Because we understand the laws and regulations governing business transactions, we can help you navigate the legal process to secure your rights and assets.

We have experience on both sides of the courtroom and are very familiar with your opponent’s tactics. Whether you are facing a minor contractual dispute or complex business litigation, our legal team will analyze and develop the most effective solution for your legal matter, even if that means fighting for you in court. Results matter to you, and they matter to us! No matter the type or complexity of the legal matter, we are your ally, and we will skillfully and aggressively advocate for you.

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Contractual promises are made and broken often in the business world with partners, vendors, suppliers and service providers. When this happens to you, our law firm can help you sift through the terms and provisions of your agreements and aggressively assert your position inside and outside the courtroom.

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Dispute resolutions can be achieved using many methods – negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaboration and yes, litigation. Successful resolutions only happen when you engage knowledgeable, strategic, and talented lawyers to advocate for a solution that’s in your best interests and satisfies the other party’s grievance. The CW Law team is sharp, efficient, and resourceful. We will aggressively and passionately work to achieve the best outcome for your legal dispute.

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We understand the compelling demands and legal implications of running a business. You do not have to manage your business’ legal risks and transactions alone. We can assist you when business disputes arise and call for litigation. Whether we’re negotiating settlement terms in a highly contested lawsuit or we’re taking a legal matter all the way to trial, we have the expertise that you need to protect your business. We navigate the legal complexities so you don’t have to!

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Civil Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

There are alternatives to litigation. Arbitration and Mediation are popular alternatives.

In arbitration, both sides provide evidence to an arbitrator who makes the final decision. In mediation, the parties work together and will not reach a resolution until both sides agree.

Compensation varies based on the facts of the case.

We understand that no matter whether it’s a family or business matter, it’s personal and it takes a law firm that doesn’t overlook the personal aspects inherent to legal disputes to produce results and value that’s practical and effective.

Crystal Wright Law offers flat rate and hourly billing.

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“You will never regret your decision to choice Crystal to represent you in any matter. She is professional, courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, but most importantly she is caring and kind. I trust her 100% in all of my legal matters, she has never let me down. She will take care of you as well.”

- K. Ayers -
“There’s not enough space in the review to truly write how amazing Crystal is. She has gone over and beyond to ensure that my worries and issues were addressed. She listens and cares what you have to say, and will give her personal professional opinion to help guide you. She puts all she has into her work and it shows. I have never met such a hardworking, genuine, kind-hearted, extraordinary, and truly caring attorney and person for that matter. She has nothing but the clients best interest at heart and is always prepared to go the extra mile if need be. I was/am so blessed to have her as my Attorney.”
- C. Cannella -
“I had to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation with making Crystal Wright my lawyer. Not only is she beautiful, she’s known for her intellect and positive resolutions. I confided in her to dispute my leasing company who at the time, took my deposit and legally enforced I pay them a couple thousands more after my move out, within 30 days. I was so overwhelmed and angry, but once I took my problems to Crystal Wright, her empathy, tenacity and assertiveness gave me hope as she kept me aware and knowledgeable about the steps she took for pursuit. In a matter of time, I owed them nothing and I received half my deposit. It felt like a miracle. Thanks Crystal Wright, your the BEST!”
- M. Right -

“Excellent lawyer! Very helpful, organized and respectful. Glad to have had her. She keeps in touch and answers any questions you may have afterwards. Very nice and humble.”

- C. Plummer -

“Crystal has truly been a blessing in my life. Words cannot express her loyalty when it comes to her clients. I would recommend her to anyone!”

- L. Jones -